Monday, 26 March 2012


Hi, test and share readers~ recently i am quite enjoying purchase  the food deal from , as i found the johor bahru deal is increasing  and payment method is very convenient which can use online banking too even u dun have credit kad  =) 
u can pay a very low price for a great food deal. If you are a food lover , u may save alot of money from that =)
yesterday, i just redeem one food deal worth RM90 Plus but only sold the coupon at RM29.90 at  NIPPON YATAI MURATWO 日本屋台村 II , a japanese restaurant which located at johor bahru shopping mall: City square LEVEL 3 (inner city)

i will sharing  some photo with u  and experience i having  lunch here =)

             in fact, i found the menu already abit old, its time to change a new menu cover i guess >.<

                                         this restaurant is kinda cute with this animal logo 狸猫 =O

                            browsing its menu for other food price =p , deluxe combo seems not bad ~

                                   sashimi is not cheap at all , worth RM60

the food deal coupon is not included the beverage, therefore if u didnt order other food, have to pay RM2 each for the " OCHA" (Green tea ).

its kinda bored while waiting for the food , and the speed for the food served consider slow , maybe because of sunday , its kinda crowded here . nothing to do so i looking around and take some photo .from the picture above u can c got pork, its non halal japanese restaurant  =X

the restaurant ambience consider average , the decoration kinda " japanese"  , red lamp strengthen the  coriental feel , even almost 90% table is occupied but not noisy at all, still  suitable for chit chat here. ^^
but too pity the table didnt set the bell ,and that day i sitting quite inside , i needed wait for the waitress passby then can reorder >.< hmm so i feel is not so convenient.

                            1st serving: Fresh Sashimi 生鱼片 (Salmon stomach  三文鱼肚)

                        salmon is fresh =)  but i still prefer the zanmai japanese restaurant at the gardens =p

2nd serving :  8 pieces sushi (sashimi on top)  haha i love this ~

                                       the last plate included in my food deal =p

can i use deluxe sea food set describe this  ? =p tempura prawn is so delicious, i nvr expect its taste so nice ~

                                          the elasticity very nice , i love the feel i bite it , so "Q "

                                                      baked with cheese, i like this too ~

My extra order -- pancake (the favour and the material on top exactly is the 章鱼烧  )

                    RM15 Per plate, it have to be share with ppl as the taste is kinda heavy .and so many mayonaise too ~

next time got chance will ask my  other friend come again,  however  i feel the food serving speed gotta improve and staff need to more alert to customer needs =)

 next time will post different food deal photo if got any =)  ,thanks for reading~

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