Thursday, 25 August 2011


I have decide to organize a giveaway at this month end for celebration new blog opening ^^   , for whoever wanna join the giveaway , must qualified:

1. add me at facebook : search  or
2. be my follower of this blog
3. leave comment at this thread, tell me your name ,email, your blog(if you have one ),from which state in malaysia, any good stuff /song/movie/tips/idea/product/poem/perfume u ever try that then u like alot  can  share with me. eg: i like lipice because it moisture my lips and not pricey.

this giveaway open at malaysia only
open period:  25/08/2011- 30/09/2011
3 winner will be chosen by random (blog my giveaway +1 or spread it by facebook +1 can enhance your chance to win.kindly notify me if you have blog / spread me at your facebook(give me your link , ty)

 there will be 3 set prize to win. have a nice day =)

Compiling Gift for giveaway

now i am busy compiling the gift for giftaway,its gift time , for celebrate my new blog opening at aug 2011. it will be a giveaway coming "very " soon.

Monday, 22 August 2011

my bimba & lola july 's giveaway gift

last month, i 've participate the bimba and lola facebook  july giveaways , i 've been selected to be one of the winner. the gift is  a beautiful leather namecard holder worth RM119.

Sunday, 21 August 2011


hi, this is my very first time to try having  a personal blog.
welcome all the people visit here. =)